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JotterPad Pro

Distraction-free Screenwriting for Android

JotterPad Pro offers the same distraction-free writing experience on screenwriting. It formats script to industry standards, allowing writers to focus on words, not margins. Realise the potential of JotterPad Pro's fountain capabilities and explore everything you can do with it.

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Full Featured Fountain Editor, Made for Android

Fountain Syntax Highlighting

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Format scripts & print to PDF

Export to Final Draft

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Do what you do best, write. JotterPad handles the rest by transforming your Fountain script into a submission-quality screenplay, ready to be exported as FDX or print as PDF on-the-go.
With Fountain, you can do just about everything with text - from inserting characters and scenes, to formatting text styles. As you write, JotterPad Pro automatically completes text for you, so you can spend more time writing and lesser time typing.

Format scripts to industry standards as PDF & Final Draft

Fountain markup
Fountain (.fountain)
Final Draft screenwriting
Final Draft (.fdx)
Screenwriting format in PDF
PDF (.pdf)

JotterPad Pro is designed around Fountain, a syntax specifically for writing screenplays in plain text.

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