Weave your everyday snippets and transform them into high quality cinematic video montage.

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Weave is an Android app that records and weaves snippets of your moments into a short video montage in high definition. With the simple interface, anyone can be a movie producer of their own moments.


Create Captivating Story

Record your precious moments in high definition. Then trim, rearrange and weave mini snippets to tell a bigger story. Spice up your video by adding soundtrack and video title.

Restore Video Quality In Just a Click

Ambient light casts colour that makes video look unnatural. Weave fixes it by adjusting video temperature automatically with the built in Auto White Balance (AW). It works almost like magic!

Bring Colours Back to Life as You Remembered

Create different moods with up to 60 gorgeous presets to choose from. Transform your videos into art works by selecting filter packs such as Vintage, Film, Lab and Light Leak.

Watch it on the W-I-D-E Screen

Weave supports Chromecast. All the videos made in Weave are ready for viewing on the biggest screen in the house, your HDTV.

Share to Multiple Social Platforms Instantly

Want to share your favourite moments with your friends and family? No problem. Upload to Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Youku & Tumblr instantly with the built-in Share function.

Publish Your Moments to Journey

Weave connects to your private diary, Journey. Create and upload the video diary immediately without the hassle of opening Journey. Then, view your video entries on Journey Android app, Chrome app or web.



Need Help?

For more information, refer to the Help Desk, Feedback or email us at contact@2appstudio.com